Action Games

In action games, you will need to demonstrate your dexterity and agility. If you're seeking for excitement, this category has everything! Action games are as broad and varied as they come; you may demolish enemies in 3D FPS, take on the role of a samurai who wields a sword like no one else, play a mobster, or try to rescue the world as your favorite hero. There's no downtime when playing action games!

What are action games ?

In action games you will have to be active behind your screen, there will be no downtime and your reflexes and your reaction speed will be decisive for succeeding the challenges offered to you. Action games have fast gameplay and will usually ask you to take decisions instantly and in real time to beat your opponents or hordes of enemies. Several categories can be distinguished among which fighting games, such as Iron Snout which will be as technical as tactical, shooting games where your ability to aim precisely will be decisive, or even arcade games which will be challenging and fun especially in multiplayer!

What is the origin of action games?

Action games are one of the most popular and historical genres of video games. Titles as diverse as varied have marked generations of players. The first action games were arcade games including the legendary Pong, released in 1972 and considered as the first video game, introducing a new genre of entertainment to the general public. Another emblematic category are fighting games with titles like Heavyweight Champ (a boxing game released in 1976), Street Fighter (1987) or King Of Fighter (1994). Shooting games meanwhile have also created a revolution in gameplay but also in the technologies used. Other titles introduced new and revolutionary game mechanics like in Woflenstein 3D where you direct your character in first person view in a simulated 3D environment. The action games published on Snokido will allow you to discover this category thanks to a wide selection of free quality games inspired by the biggest titles of the genre.

What are the best free action games?

  1. Big Shot Boxing
  2. Subway Clash 3D
  3. Iron Snout
  4. Getaway Shootout
  5. Hole io