Skill Games

These little characters, consisting of a head and five black bars, are called Stickmans. In every type of game, including shooting, adventure, address, and even sports, they are the primary character. Stickman games can be humorous or terrifying as well; these seemingly innocent figures can be ruthless criminals or psychopaths with razor sharp fangs!

What is a skill game?

Skill games call on the dexterity of players and will generally offer gameplay based on precise actions to be performed that will require some technique and skill. Another peculiarity of skill games is that the luck factor doesn't exist, nothing will be left to chance and your progress or improvement in the game will be due only to your skills. Skill games offer mechanics that are easy to understand but often difficult to master, the goal is to play to progress and improve. The wide variety of titles will allow you to find gameplay that suits your mood of the moment, whether it's running as far as possible in the meanders of an Aztec temple, making jumps and figures on a trampoline, dancing to the rhythm on music or grow your snake by competing against other players online!

What is the origin of skill games?

Skill games have been around since ancient times and are probably the most played games in the world. From the first wooden spinning top (toton) to marbles, mikados and other ring-throwing games, physical skill games have entertained children and adults alike. But this genre is also very popular in video games and particularly with browser games because the principle of simple gameplay adapts perfectly to the medium. In Geometry Dash for example, the player controls a small square that they will have to make progress at full speed from platform to platform while avoiding the many traps. The title demands great precision in your actions as well as unwavering concentration. If you prefer urban sports then Skate Hooligan will offer you many challenges to test your keyboard dexterity. The skill games are as diverse as they are varied and you can even find the heroes of some of your favorite licenses such as Assassin's Creed or Raving Rabbids.

What are the best free skill games?

  1. Lucky Life
  2. Winter Dodge
  3. Swing Monkey
  4. Math Duck
  5. Slope