Car Games

Fly a race car as quick as lightning or crazy automobiles and compete in furious races with free car games. You may drive any vehicle with four wheels and an engine, including a Formula One race car, an ATV, or a soapbox! Many people like playing automobile games with their pals, which may lead to strong competition and lots of fun!

What is a car game?

In car games, 4-wheeled bolides will be at the heart of the gameplay, whether it's driving them directly like a racing driver or interacting with it to make them move on circuits or all kinds of winding tracks. Car games will give you thrills in various events; rally, circuit racing or simply free driving there will be something for everyone. There are also the parking games which will offer you to drive cars with delicacy to park them on specific locations without breaking anything. If you are a seasoned driver or a fan of powerful cars then free car games will be ideal for you to have fun playing right in your browser.

What is the origin of car games?

Car games have been around since the beginning of video game history and have always been a very popular genre among gamers. One of the first of these was Pole Position, which was hugely successful in 1982 on arcade machines and then on Atari computers. A little later in 1994, a 3D NASCAR game called Daytona USA enchanted racing enthusiasts by offering a realism that had never been achieved so far. Other car games like the Gran Turismo and Forza series have honored the most beautiful and powerful cars in the world by giving players the opportunity to drive hundreds of them on many different circuits. Free car games are an ideal way to experience this legendary genre while having fun directly in your browser without any download.

What are the best free car games?

  1. Eggy Car
  2. Endless Truck
  3. Drive Car
  4. Crazy Cars
  5. Drift Hunters