Rolling Sky | Unblocked Game
Rolling Sky | Unblocked Game
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Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky is the best musical skill game of all time. You are a ball rolling over a track with tons of hazards to make you fall. You have to be super fast, precise and accurate to dodge all the barriers, holes and laser beams that are shot in your direction. Use the music to keep your rhythm while swinging from left to right to get the power-ups you need to finish the levels. This is seriously the most challenging game you can find online.<\/p>\n\n


Left - left arrow
Right - right arrow<\/p>\n\n

About the creator:<\/h3>\n

Cheetah Games created this game for the mobile app-stores originally, but now they have ported it to web to bring it to TBG95. Cheetah Games is a major studio based in China.<\/p>

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